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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

love youuuuu.

b, thank you so much! even i know u never read this but really appreciate the
whole of this day syg. started from pavi, walked along bintang walk, lot 10, sg
wang. adoih. pnt kaki ni.haha! but, have fun sgt2! when we talked, laughed, and
you sing a song,haha, so sweet.hahaha. and bab merepek2 wat lawak tu sume mmg
kepakaran b kan?haha. entah bila la nak jmp lg. kate je cuti tp jmp bkn main
payah lg.haha..but its ok.. and and the gift! woah! i really like it,plus i
love it! thank youuuu soooo much syg! anyway, love you b!

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