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Sunday, June 13, 2010

can you feel what i feel?

since you said such words, what am i supposed to do is to stop doing what i did before.
how i wished i can tell you exactly what is in my heart. in the bottom of my heart.
ohh....i didn't even know whether there is a....what we called that? ya! a love.
our love in your heart.
is there anyway?
as you said before, i am the most egoist girl.
even my friend said so.
so, for you, for us, i changed.
if you notice,if we ever had an argue or so whatever, i will end up first so we both can still messaging.haha
i love when you text me, and i hate when you stop doing so.
you never notice that, aren't you?
you changed a lot syg.
can you feel what i feel now?

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