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Saturday, July 17, 2010

twilight oh twilight

a triangle love.that is what i can say for this film.from this film, i knew that a person could love more than one person. edward loves bella. jacob loves bella too. and bella loves both of them. now i knew, we cant stop the feeling. we're not guilty. neither our feeling. so, we can put this blame on?emm.

protectful. that is what edward has inside himself. he tried his best to protect his love one. it is so great to has someone that protect of yourself. in this film also, i can see a lot of love, kind, sympathy and much more.

so, i dont understand if there are some people who said this film is such a bored film. you must watch this. it was awesome, superb and the best film ever ;))

1 comment:

  1. saye tak suke character bella dlm buku & film...she loves 2 people at the same time..tak boleh dimaafkan...after all the good things in fact the sweetest things that edward has done to her,yet she still has feelings for jacob although her feelings for jake is not as powerful as to edward but yet...hmmm..:(
    tak setia langsung...but i can't blamed bella 100% la kan sbb salah edward jugak membenarkan hati bella di usik oleh laki lain waktu die tinggalkan bella dlm new moon..tapi he left her for her own safety kan?..

    pape pun edward cullen forever! <3



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