Pembaca Setia

Monday, July 5, 2010


as usual, my campus life begin.i feel so bored. dont know why. maybe im still in enjoy mode.huhu. my first cls were MKT cls but mr harith were not there.then, our LAW cls. pn.roseme is our lec for that subject..she looks strict but i know she's kind n sporting lec.i hope so.haha.and i really wanna meet madam nafidah to say a great thanks to her for teach me last sem.she's wonderful lec.and bcoz of her, alhamdulillah i got ..... ;) thank u madam..and after that was BEL cls with mr. E.huhh...i felt a bit nervous.huhu..and...i miss my family.. ;(

-bored mode.;(

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